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Lashed by Nisha Nashea

Full Teeth Gem Kit

Full Teeth Gem Kit

Introducing our cutting-edge Teeth Gem Kit, curated for professionals like you. Elevate your services with the following premium tools and materials:

- Lip Wands for precision application
- Protective Gloves for hygienic procedures
- UV Light for curing perfection
- Bibs & Clips for a clean work area
- Retractors in various sizes (S, M, L) for optimal access
- Special Shades to protect clients eyes
- Soft Cotton Rounds for gentle care
- Microswabs for meticulous detailing
- Etch for surface preparation
- Dispensing Needles for accurate application
- Wax Pen for artistic customization
- Adhesive for long-lasting hold
- Teeth Gems for dazzling results

This comprehensive kit is designed to cater to over 10 clients, ensuring efficiency and quality in every treatment. Plus, you can take advantage of our flexible financing option with 4 easy installments. Learn, create, and pay at your convenience with our "Learn now, Pay Later" program. Elevate your dental aesthetics practice with our Teeth Gem Kit today!


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